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rawkcoon's Journal

Rawkit Raccoon
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Hello world!
I am a pretty laid-back individual. I like to make friends who are pretty active and want to do things rather than sit on a couch all day; but I am known to play a round or two of a shooter game. I'm going to college in hopes of getting a BS in software engineering. I like to tinker around with my computer and learn new things about the hardware as well as the software. I find that music is a great source of inspiration and almost all types tend to have that effect on me depending on what I am in the mood for. From some 70s rock, to a Chopin nocturne, even to some death metal there's usually something there that lets my mind flow. I like to draw too. My "doodles" would hardly be considered art, more of a scribble, but I am learning and I get better everyday during math and econ class :D.

When I'm not out doing something productive, I like to read comic books and as such I'm a raccoon furry based off of my favorite character Rocket Raccoon. I was first introduced to the fandom through 4chan.com linking a video of Fredryk Phox at a convention, which led to another video, and then somewhere completely different, and well here I am. I was in the process of making a fursuit and after being discouraged from starting with the head I stopped and college crept up on me. I would like to eventually have one or touch up the project I already started but it's unclear right now. There's also the desire to go to a convention but again that's not something I can be sure about right now.

Feel free to friend me, I'm not as active in the fandom now, but I hope to make some good friends!